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In January 2007, a small group of Western Wisconsin mountain bike enthusiasts got together to organize a mountain bike club in the St. Croix River Valley, they called it Kinnickinnic Off-Road Cyclists. The chapter serves St. Croix and Pierce counties in western Wisconsin.

The original intent of the club was to encourage participation in the sport of mountain bicycling and broaden the public's knowledge of our rapidly growing sport.  Mountain biking has sometime suffered from public misunderstanding and we want to change this.  We also want to resurrect the original intent of a "bicycle club" - to invite the inexperienced rider into an atmosphere where they can gain knowledge from more experienced riders and participate in racing events.  Although our initial focus was on mountain biking, our charter does not exclude any sport or wholesome activity.  The intent of this social organization is to promote good fellowship, and all aspects of health and fitness.